Friday, June 19, 2015

Woahhh, We're Halfway There...

The Hunter’s Anthology has raised over 20k, more than half our goal, and we are a GO!  It’s not a matter of if we’ll shoot anything anymore, but a question of when.  This is very exciting news as we draw closer to the end of our indiegogo campaign!

How far can we get and how much of the feature can we shoot?  It’s still up to how much money we raise.  Still, the fact that’s it’s happening is a really cool feeling, so thanks to everyone who has contributed and/or has spread the word to make this happen!

I’ve been very caught up in the crowdfunding campaign and have been spending a lot of time working on video updates, maintaining the site, and posting on social media.  As soon as this phase ends, I’ll be starting pre-production, so there should be a lot to write about soon.  For now, if you haven’t already and have a moment, please check out our really fun video updates.  There’s a lot of info on what’s been happening and the people involved in The Hunter’s Anthology so far.

You can see them all here at our indiegogo site:

Or, here’s an individual list of links to youtube of the videos I’ve posted.  Lots of good stuff here if you’re interested in The Hunter’s Anthology and still there’s more to come:

My pitch video, introducing the project:
The full prologue of The Hunter’s Anthology that we shot last winter:
David Lee McInnis as MAC:
Eric Colton as ROD:
Marilyn Oran as MADAME RENEE:
Sara and Pricila Lopez as JENNIFER & JESSICA:
David Lee McInnis’ Actor’s Reel of other work:
My onscreen interview of David Lee McInnis:
Nicky Akmal, our producer:

And please don’t forget to JOIN THE HUNT!  There’s still over a week left!