Thursday, November 19, 2015

A New Wrap

Hello fellow hunters!  So much has happened since my last post, so we’ve got some catching up to do.  I’ll start with an update for now, but I promise you there’s some really interesting stuff coming that’s all things THA!

Last month I was back in my director shoes (I love those shoes) and had a five day shoot thanks to YOU and our crowdfunding campaign.  Of the 6 stories within the Hunter’s Anthology, we were able to finish one and start another.  The one we finished is the first of the tales, called “The Fortune Maker.”  This stars Janna Bossier as TABITHA, a young woman in desperate need of Tarot reading, and Marilyn Oran as MADAME RENEE, a fortune teller with a 100% guaranteed policy.  Their performances were nothing short of amazing.  In fact, the whole shoot was a smooth success.  We got everything we needed, and being in the post-production process right now, it’s coming together beautifully.

Also on board was director of photography Ben Wolf, who really added a great visual style and a load of experience in helping us achieve something great.  I also want to send out a huge, huge thank you Nicky Akmal, our producer, for bringing everything together from the start, and helping us make this happen!

The other story we started was “Lust Potion Number Who Cares,” which stars Eric Colton as ROD and Yoko Hyun as MOONI.  I haven’t put it together yet, but some of the takes were hilarious.  We were going for comic relief amongst a dark story, a great combo, and that’s just what we got for this one!

So the blog is back and I’m looking forward to writing about all I experienced and learned: prepping, shooting, finishing.  For all those new directors just starting out, you might find it helpful.  For those who aren’t in the film world, you just may find it interesting.

Either way, I just wanted to check in during this busy (and super-exciting) time and let you know that things are moving at a faster pace than ever.  For those interested, stay tuned for more on my Road to Wrap!