Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Shot Myself and Lived!

So this is kind of a part two to my last entry.  I went for it.  Fourth time’s a charm.  I made a pitch video to go up on our crowdfunding site.  Believe it or not, I think I nailed it.   I think.
What was my secret?  Here it is: I just went outside, pulled out a director’s chair, and planted the camera.  I didn’t have anyone there.  I also memorized what I had to say so I wouldn’t ever stumble and look awkward.  No pressure from anyone anymore.  I was on my own time, and I had all the time I needed.  I could relax.  So I set the camera down and just hit record.  That’s how I stayed comfortable.  I also had perfect lighting this time because I was outside on a nice day.  So many issues were already taken care of.  I also did about a million takes.  I did it over and over again a thousand different ways.  And I had a LOT of bad takes.  Bad ones.  I mean, awful!  But I also had some good ones and that’s all I needed.  Something I was dreading for weeks ended up kind of being, dare I say, fun?  It sounds ridiculous that I had to set everything up this way to do an even decent job, but let me tell you, it really worked!
In the meantime, we’re going to need all the help we can get when we launch our campaign.  It’s definitely going to be sometime soon this month, and when we do, we’ll be asking the four corners of the Earth to share, like, tweet, click, donate, re-tweet, post, tell, email… etc.  The Hunter’s Anthology can really look high budget with our low budget.  Check out the trailer if you haven’t already.  That was just one night.  Imagine what we can do if we meet our goal and have 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and if we’re crazy lucky, 6 weeks to film!
I’m going to try something different. I know this blog officially only has 12 followers, but I can tell from “The Road to Wrap” stats that many more do come here on a regular basis.  So, I’ll ask not only to have whoever reads this blog to please take the time to “follow” it, but to also make comments and ask any questions you’d like to ask me if you have time.  You can ask about The Hunter’s Anthology, Trust Us, my experiences in trying to make them happen, writing, directing, editing, etc.  Ask away!

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